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Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC – The Brook Institute

Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC – The Brook Institute
(720) 839-4332
Somatic Psychotherapy Training & Client Work
Change the body, change the mind...

Couples counseling, play therapy, infant mental health, individual/family

Get to the root of behaviors that are "inner cries for help." Dismantle issues of mistrust, procrastination, and fear. Learn to orient to a satisfying life with new coping and communication skills.

Supervision and Training For Therapists

Hundreds of therapists throughout the world have expanded their scope of practice and revenue by including work with birth trauma and somatic (body-based) interventions. If you would like the tools to add this exciting modality to your practice, click here for more information.

Psychotherapy For Clients

  • Root out panic, terror, aggression,  lack of focus, and overwhelm responses. Early experience encodes in the primitive brain stem and causes primitive threat response behaviors.

  • Change discomfort to ease, panic to motivation, and lack of focus to true rest and recovery. Somatic therapy works with body story and identity; removes threat behaviors and literally “changes the brain.”

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  • 35 years experience: private practice, mental health clinics, hospitals, publics schools

  • Former Naropa University professor; Director of Body Psychotherapy for MA in Somatic Psychology, and group process facilitator; Instructor for the Interarts Department: Body-Mind Centering, and Movement and Performance Art

  • Author and educator, conference presenter, keynote speaker


  • Ph.D: Somatic Psychology, Infant Mental Health, and Human Sexuality

  • MA: Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution, Family Systems Therapy

  • BA: Somatic Psychology


  • Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Body-Mind Centering teacher, Perinatal Therapist

  • Infant Developmental Movement Specialist

  • BioDynamic Cranio-Sacral practitioner

  • Yoga Teacher,Tantra teacher

  • Gyrotonic Level 1 Instructor


Organizational design, public speaking, movement performance artist, contact improvisation, water therapy

Insurance billing: private pay, out of network provider
  • Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC – The Brook Institute
  • Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC – The Brook Institute
  • Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC – The Brook Institute