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Focus and Beyond – Boyd A. Schwartz

Focus and Beyond – Boyd A. Schwartz
Focus and Beyond
720 219-1980
Focus and Beyond - Boyd A. Schwartz - In 2005 Boyd , founded mINdSYNC, LLC ™ and began focusing on working with children and adults with specific learning challenges. He utilizes a broad spectrum of drug-free approaches. These methods include non-invasive cognitive stimulation, and central nervous system/enteric nervous system activation/brain integration techniques, specific acupressure, sound and light treatments.

From 1994-2000 Boyd worked for CU’s Maier/Watkins Behavioral Neuroscience research facility. His research emphasized neuroscience & immunology. The main focus was examining neural communication pathways, associated behaviors and immune response both via the central nervous system (CNS) and the enteric nervous system (ENS).

As an avid athlete, Boyd trained in preparation for Olympic trials. He has spent many years working with athletes ranging from Olympic qualifiers, tri-athletes, volleyball, soccer and tennis players, wrestlers, gymnasts, divers, golfers, speed skaters, in-line skaters, cyclists and swimmers. Please contact Boyd for additional information. 720 219-1980