Integrated Learning Academy – Jeannette Abshire

Integrated Learning Academy – Jeannette Abshire
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Integrated Learning Academy – Jeannette Abshire
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970 379-9270
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Welcome to Integrated Learning Academy!

Empowerment is the primary goal of Integrated Learning Academy.  Empowering children to learn in the way they are most able and successful, and empowering them to enjoy learning.  Empowering parents (the child’s first teachers!) to participate in their children’s learning and development in order to bring out optimal joy for learning while accessing their child’s full potential.

Our professional community  also benefits from Integrated Learning Academy’s services.  By empowering teachers to bring new skills, techniques and knowledge into the classroom we enhance what they are taught in the traditional educator’s curriculum.

At Integrated Learning Academy we offer a variety of products and services for educators, administrators and parents:

For Educators:

Brain Gym® 101 – This is the first step to becoming a licensed Brain Gym Instructor. Over a three day period we will get you started on this exciting path.

ED 589 Integrating the Whole Brain – This class has parallel content to Brain Gym® 101, however the participants will receive 2 graduate credit semester hours.

Advanced Brain Gym® Plus – An approved supplemental educational services provider for the Colorado Department of Education. Integrated Learning Academy is one of only five tutoring companies in Colorado to be awarded a contract to provide tutoring services in Aurora Public Schools under No Child Left Behind. We are proud to be helping Aurora students dramatically increase their literacy and math skills.

Teacher Move To Improve In-Service – Learn how to enhance learning to improve cognitive development. Be the expert in your school. Customizable in-services are available at your location.

For Parents:

Private Assessment and Tutoring – We can change the course of your struggling child’s academic performance. We deliver guaranteed results for students who are performing below grade level in their academic achievements and developmental progress. At ILA, we work with you to enhance your infant and young child’s development. Give them a significant life advantage.

Parent Liaison for Students – Going to schools to advocate on behalf of your student can be scary and challenging. If you would like support in the sometimes challenging world of special education programming, we will advocate on your behalf.

Tutoring In Boulder, CO – Change your child’s life! We offer individualized instruction to help students who are struggling become successful. Our 7 week program will give your son or daughter the edge they need to excel in the challenging Boulder environment!

Glenwood Tutorial Services – The highest quality tutorial services in the Roaring Fork Valley for over 25 years. We have helped hundreds of students on the western slope achieve their potential.

  • Integrated Learning Academy – Jeannette Abshire

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