Brain Integration Therapy

Focus and Beyond – Boyd A. Schwartz
Focus and Beyond
720 219-1980
In 2005 Boyd , founded mINdSYNC, LLC ™ and began focusing on working with children and adults with specific learning challenges. He utilizes a broad spectrum of drug-free approaches. These methods include non-invasive cognitive stimulation, and central nervous system/enteric nervous system activation/brain integration techniques, specific acupressure, sound and light treatments.
Integrated Learning Academy – Jeannette Abshire
Integrated Learning Academy
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Empowerment is the primary goal of Integrated Learning Academy. Empowering children to learn in the way they are most able and successful, and empowering them to enjoy learning. Empowering parents (the child’s first teachers!) to participate in their children’s learning and development in order to bring out optimal joy for learning while accessing their child’s full potential.

Our professional community also benefits from Integrated Learning Academy’s services. By empowering teachers to bring new skills, techniques and knowledge into the classroom we enhance what they are taught in the traditional educator’s curriculum.

In 24 hours of remedial instruction, we raise student grade equivalencies one to two grade levels.