Dawn Larson, M.S., CGT

Dawn Larson, M.S., CGT
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Dawn Larson, M.S., CGT
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Individual & Family Psychotherapy Trauma, EMDR, & Attachment Specialist

Dawn Larson, MS, CGT has extensive training in Psychotherapy and learning communication issues and has serviced families and individuals for over 20 years. In her individual and family counseling practice, Dawn works with adults, couples, parents and children around behavioral and emotional issues. Dawn is a certified individual and family Gestalt Psychotherapist. She is trained in:

  • Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist
  • EMDR Therapy for trauma
  • Attachment and Bonding Therapy
  • Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Learning specialist

Dawn’s passion is to work with individuals, couples/family systems who want to transform and make positive changes in their communication and their relationships. She utilizes a variety of methodologies including Gestalt, Somatic Tracking Techniques, Guided Visualization, EMDR, Somatic Trauma Remediation, and Transpersonal/Shamanic Counseling is utilized as well. Experience: Dawn has worked in psychotherapy and educational fields for over 20 years. She has worked as:

  • Clinical faculty at the University of Colorado’ s Child Learning Center
  • The Children’s Hospital
  • State Health Department
  • She has worked for and consulted with area public schools for years

Dawn believes in an eclectic approach to healing and utilizes gestalt, somatic and transpersonal Psychotherapeutic techniques to guide individuals in their healing. Dawn is co-owner of Colorado Therapies. Please contact her for general questions, or to schedule an appointment. 303-667-0955  dawnlizlarson@yahoo.com

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303 530-1517

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