Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC – The Brook Institute
(720) 839-4332
Are you concerned about yourself, your spouse, infant or child? Do you or they have problems with attachment, connection, procrastination, or aggression? Somatic therapy works with the body, mind, and emotions, and gets to the roots of depression, power struggles, substance abuse, spiritual escape, and inability to pay attention and to focus. Symptoms can be inner cries for help. We treat at the level of brain states where true and lasting change takes place. Find ease of communication and connection, relieve trauma, and become resilient. Supervision and Training available.
Dawn Larson, M.S., CGT
Dawn Larson, M.S., CGT
Dawn Larson, MS, CGT has extensive training in Psychotherapy and learning communication issues and has serviced families and individuals for over 20 years. In her individual and family counseling practice, Dawn works with adults, couples, parents and children around behavioral and emotional issues.
Kate Ellard, LCSW, LCC
Kate Ellard, LCSW, LCC
Kate Ellard
720 310-5125
Kate offers effective services for adults, pre-teens & teens. Kate is a Licensed Mental Health professional in Colorado and has extensive experience in helping people move towards wellness and recovering from life’s struggles. She specializes in effective support for life transitions, such as a new baby in the family, a child entering middle school, and blended families dealing with step-parenting issues. She supports emotional wellness for all ages.

Sharon Kocina, MA, LPC
Sharon Kocina, MA, LPC
(303) 444-2003
With over 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families, I can help you be fully engaged in your life and work through issues that keep you stuck. I can help you have satisfying relationships.
Yes Tree Counseling, LLC – Beth Erlander
(720) 470-3513
Beth combines an eclectic mix of therapeutic techniques to fit your unique needs. She draws from extensive professional training in Art Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Play Therapy; the foundation of all her sessions is Body-Centered Psychotherapy,