Most people do! We are a culture that rarely gets enough touch, and touching the skin is similar to relaxing the brain. Helping the body to relax and to feel pleasure is very beneficial for physical circulation and emotional well-being. Our Massage Therapists are trained in Deep Tissue massage, Hot-Rocks, neuromuscular re-education, and a variety of techniques to support healing and overall health. Many clients pair massage with Psychotherapy or other therapies and report that the combination makes the treatment more effective because it improves their connection with their body. Come experience the fun and relaxation these therapies have to offer.



Deep Tissue is a bit of a misnomer. We have worked with several professionals and clients of the “ain’t-no-pain-no-gain” mind-set. The idea of deep tissue is slightly different, since massage, while deep, is a gentle and gradual process. Our personal philosophy is that healing is best initiated by the body when in a relaxed state of being. Deep tissue work involves moving the muscles to increase blood flow resulting in better muscle oxygenation which helps to maintain and improve a client’s overall health, and addresses the many layers and levels of the healing process.

Hot Rocks is the use of heated river stones in a massage session. Used with scented or unscented high quality oil, the hot stones may be laid upon or under various parts of the body and massaged with as well. The combination of the heat and density of the stones helps to un-knot tense muscles and promotes a deep sense of well-being and relaxation. (Available here with practitioner Aimee Banks only.)

Traditional Swedish massage is a fast-paced form of massage that really wakes the body up and gets it ready for pretty much anything. The main benefit of this massage is blood circulation and uses rhythmic kneading, wringing or twisting motions. It is not traditionally recommended for those with high blood pressure, although when the movements of the therapist’s hands are away from the body and the pressure is not too firm, it is still very beneficial

Shiatsu is another form of bodywork which is based on Asian principles of meridians or “rivers of energy” that are said to course throughout the body and are governed by various organs and systems throughout. Using the pressure of the thumbs, these meridians are energized or invigorated in much the same way as acupuncture uses needles.

The benefits of any type of massage are many and can help alleviate issues such as general symptoms of depression or malaise, cellulite, circulation, muscle pain and fatigue, reduce scarring, or aid in post-operative recuperation. Studies have shown that the sensation of touch is crucial in every human being’s development and is just as important as other basic needs such as food, water and shelter.

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